Butterfly People attempts to answer a simple, yet very pertinent question at our end — ‘what is the relevance of couture in such times?’

The last few months have been a time when the entire atelier struggled together — 'together' being the more important word here. We were anxious, like the rest of the world, because everything seemed uncertain. But we were together — in spirit. Couture felt like a leap of faith. It united us as we started thinking, ideating, sketching from the safety of our homes, and crafting the first samples with few embroiderers in the studio.

The core idea behind the luxury we are trying to cultivate is pushing for sustainable employment of the craft community. Indeed, there is an unperturbed expression of art through our motifs, but every stitch, every knot is strongly related to the present and future of an artisan, especially hit by the pandemic— the greatest leveler, that did not see race, religion or social hierarchy, brought with itself a sea of change.

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Underwater Panelled Hand Embroidered Gown
₹ 195,000.00
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3D Lotus Pond Hand Embroidered Long Organza Cape
₹ 220,000.00
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3D Lotus Pond Hand Embroidered Long Organza Cape With Dress
₹ 236,000.00
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Hans Bageecha Hand-Embroidered 3D Layered Dress With Sequinned Pants
₹ 164,000.00
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Gulistan 3D Marigold Foliage Dress With Sequinned Pants
₹ 164,000.00
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Bidri Hand Embroidered Tiered Gown
₹ 210,000.00
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Lotuspond Hand Embroidered Organza Gown
₹ 224,000.00
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Sheer 3D Embellished Embroidered Lotus Pond Train Cape
₹ 75,000.00
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Festive Couture

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Phulwari Blouse
₹ 39,500.00
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Hans Bageecha short Kurta & Gharara Set With Dupatta
₹ 148,500.00
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Gulistan Straight Kurta Set With Dupatta
₹ 150,950.00
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Gulistan Lehenga Set
₹ 408,500.00
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Hans Bageecha Straight Kurta Set With Dupatta
₹ 160,950.00
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Bidri Hand Embroidered Saree Set
₹ 149,000.00
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Guldasta Hand Embroidered Saree Set
₹ 179,000.00
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Phulwari Saree Set
₹ 299,000.00

Rahul Mishra

In an interview with vogue

The Genesis of 3d embroidery

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Rahul Mishra, the Indian designer who goes far beyond his country’s fashion clichés of vivid colours and sari prints, sent out one of those rare collections of quiet beauty . . . The delicacy of the knits, which were so fine that they could barely be identified as wool on the runway, was breathtaking.

Suzy Menkes / International Editor, VOGUE Worldwide

Despite his explicit intention to not create art for art’s sake, acquiring Mishra couture is comparable to acquiring art. To see more in nature than already exists, to credit it as more than just trees or butterflies, is in fact the purpose of a creator, and the answer to his deliberations that he perhaps doesn't see yet.

In a world of memes, the anti-memesic position of “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life,” comes true here.

Rujuta Vaidya / VOGUE India

Rahul Mishra based his collection on the art of embroidery, which is typical of his culture, blending it with a modern and accurate technique, thus successfully highlighting the best and most peculiar features of his homeland. 

Late Franca Sozzani / Ex-Editor-in-chief, VOGUE Italia